Music Therapy In Russia

MuzTerapevt.Ru joins #WorldMusicTherapyDay celebration on March 1, 2018

“Have you ever felt like you have been advocating for music therapy all on your own?  I know I have.  Sometimes these efforts may feel as frustrating and fruitless as screaming in the desert or whispering into a thunderstorm.  This is one of the reasons I am so excited to announce World Music Therapy Day.  The World Federation of Music Therapy will be hosting this global daylong celebration of music therapy every year on March 1.  It is a day to gather as professionals and students to collectively celebrate and advocate for our profession across the globe. 




On March 1, 2018, our annual celebration will include a special emphasis on increasing music therapy awareness via the worldwide web and social media.  As such, we invite you to join with us in: 

1) creating and submitting music therapy awareness memes for our meme contest,

2) sharing videos, blogs, tweets, and posts about how you advocate for music therapy in your community, and

3) hosting world music therapy day celebrations in your community – also sharing pictures and videos. 


Remember to use #WorldMusicTherapyDay in all related posts.  We’ll be sharing more information and details soon. Please check in at and regularly to keep up to date. Looking forward to joining together to celebrate and advocate, Bronwen”. 


Bronwen Landless, Regional Liaison – North America (source)


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